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Churchdown Cricket Club Golf Day

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  • Where: Brickhampton Court Golf Club
  • When: 30th September 2016.
  • What Time: 10am Ready to Play.
  • Who’s Invited: Everyone is Welcome. Teams from across the club and community.
  • Cost: £160 for a team of 4. £40 per individual. (Discounts for Brickhampton Court Golf Club Members apply)
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What to Expect

According to co-organiser Porthos, it’s simply a matter of tuning up, get bacon roll, visit the driving range, and smack 35 balls towards the rear net.

Head out to the course, try not to lose all your balls, after the 18th head to the 19th and have your 2-course meal. Wait for everyone to finish for the raffle where you could win a watch or booze!! ?

“No one should fear finishing last, that’s my job.” Porthos on his prospects for the day and his only hope of a ton this season.


How to Get Involved

If your no golfer and would still like to get involved, we are always looking for sponsors – with no donation too small. Why not turn up to the 18th hole and join us for a drink. Keep an eye on our Twitter account on the day.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Our Sponsors

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  • The Old Elm Inn: Vouchers.
  • The Old Elm Inn: Bottles.
  • The Old Elm Inn: Cinema Tickets.
  • The Old Elm Inn: Dinner for 2 plus overnight stay.
  • SailChecker.com: Sports Watch.

To Be Notified:

  • Hole 1:
  • Hole 2:
  • Hole 3:
  • Hole 4:
  • Hole 5:
  • Hole 6:
  • Hole 7:
  • Hole 8:
  • Hole 9:
  • Hole 10:
  • Hole 11:
  • Hole 12:
  • Hole 13:
  • Hole 14:
  • Hole 15:
  • Hole 16:
  • Hole 17:
  • Hole 18:
  • Hole 19:
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