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Primary League 2016

1Charlton Kings CC – 4th XI110000222
2Arcadians NineElms CC – 2nd XI00000000
2Chalford CC – 1st XI00000000
2Cheltenham CC – 3rd XI00000000
2Cirencester CC – 2nd XI00000000
2Corse & Staunton CC – 2nd XI00000000
2Dumbleton CC – 3rd XI00000000
2Hatherley & Reddings CC, Glos – HRCC – 3rd XI00000000
2Highnam Court CC – 2nd XI00000000
2Langford CC, Oxon – 1st XI00000000
2Minchinhampton CC – 1st XI00000000
2Shurdington CC – 2nd XI00000000
2St Philips North CC – 2nd XI00000000
2St Stephens CC, Cheltenham – 1st XI00000000
2Ullenwood Bharat CC – 4th XI00000000
2Upton St Leonards CC – 1st XI00000000
2Witcombe CC – 2nd XI00000000
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